Causes and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Depending on the reasons, three forms of potency disorders are distinguished:

  1. psychogenic;
  2. organic;
  3. mixed.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Defined by Canadian Family Pharmacy

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Form

Most often this type of erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in men at a young age. In this case, there are no organic disorders in genital organs and the hormonal system structure, libido is preserved or decreased, spontaneous erection is not disturbed, when an erection occurs man usually brings the sexual intercourse to an end.

Main reasons of psychogenc form of erectile dysfunction are:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • stress;
  • depression;
  • neuroses, including those caused by conflicts between sexual partners;
  • alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Organic Erectile Dysfunction Form

Causes and SymptomsA considerable number of ED cases are caused precisely by problems in neuropsychic sphere of men according to Canadian Family Pharmacy. Most men think that erectile dysfunction is a problem that comes with age, but in fact it is not true. With age, the number of chronic diseases increases, and metabolic and other processes may be disturbed, which also entails disturbances in sexual life. Most “age” diseases are treated medically, and many drugs also have a negative effect on erectile function. That is why men who have a healthy lifestyle from a young age and are in good health condition for a long time are facing problems in the intimate sphere much later.

The causes of this pathology can be divided into several large groups:

  • violation of blood supply to penis. This may happen bacuse of atherosclerosis, vasculitis, thrombosis, small pelvis varicose veins, angiopathy, which has developed as a complication of diabetes mellitus or hypertension.
  • reduction in sex hormones level as a result of endocrine disorders. The main causes: thyroid disease, dysfunction of hypothalamic-pituitary system, obesity, congenital maldevelopment of gonads, taking medications that reduce testosterone production, sometimes this effect is provided by sports nutrition.
  • nervous system diseases: multiple sclerosis, violation of genital organs innervation as a result of injuries and infringement of spinal cord by hernias, tumors or with displacement of vertebrae, myelitis, stroke, etc.
  • reproductive system diseases. In recent decades, the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases has increased, often their consequences play an important role in erectile dysfunction occurrence. In addition to this pathology transferred operations on genitals, penile trauma and its curvature (often congenital), cavernitis play an important role in erectile dysfunction appearance and diagnosis.

Mixed Erectile Dysfunction Form

Sometimes a potency violation is a consequence of organic and psychogenic factors combination. Identification of problems with potency of organic nature is a huge stress for a man, as a result of which the disease is aggravated by a psychological trauma.

Briefly about Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Usually man himself pays attention to problems appearance in intimate sphere. The organic form of potency violation develops gradually. To achieve erection state, it takes an increasingly long time, in the end, a situation is possible when, in presence of sexual desire, a man can not achieve a normal erection at all. It is also possible its weakening during sexual intercourse, as a result of which it becomes impossible to bring it to its end. There may be orgasm violation.

It should be noted that with such situations, for various reasons, almost every man encounters at least once in his life, and this is not a reason to sound an alarm. It is good to think about your health and see a doctor when, in 25% of cases, a normal completed sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Unlike organic, psychogenic form of erectile dysfunction often occurs in young men, the sexual intercourse preceded by a traumatic situation suddenly becomes impossible. In this case, these memories become a cause of even greater psychotrauma.